Indriana Pramesti, SH, MH

E: [email protected]


Indriana Pramesti, with over seven years of legal experience, specializes in assisting Indonesian and foreign companies in navigating complex regulatory landscapes across various sectors such as export/import, shipping, corporate governance, financial services, infrastructure, and foreign investments. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (S.H.) and a Master of Laws degree (M.H.) from Universitas Indonesia, where she achieved outstanding academic performance.

Currently serving as the Senior Manager of Legal & Compliance at PT Antara Elektronik Transaksi Pratama, Indriana has successfully facilitated the transformation of the company into an Electronic Trading Platform Provider. Her responsibilities include arranging internal approvals, negotiating cooperation agreements, obtaining relevant licenses, and developing strategic documents related to corporate governance and compliance.

Previously, as a Partner at Rahayu & Partners Law Offices, Indriana worked on a range of notable projects, including providing legal opinions, advising on vessel sales and registration, drafting credit facility agreements, conducting legal audits, and advising on various corporate matters for clients spanning different industries.

Indriana’s professional certifications include being a licensed advocate with Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (PERADI) and completing the Arbitration Competency Test. She has also contributed to publications such as the International Comparative Legal Guide to Fintech and the Lending and Secured Finance Review.

Outside of her professional roles, Indriana has engaged in voluntary work with organizations like the Association for International School Educators Indonesia (AISEI).

She has also participated as a speaker in seminars and workshops focusing on important changes in the Indonesian regulatory environment and legal aspects of establishment for state-owned enterprises.

Indriana Pramesti is a highly skilled and knowledgeable legal professional with a strong track record of assisting clients in navigating regulatory challenges and ensuring compliance across various sectors in Indonesia.