Irawati Puteri, SH

E: [email protected]


Irawati Puteri’s career embodies a remarkable blend of legal acumen, technological insight, and a steadfast commitment to public service. Her academic pursuits at Stanford Law School, where she specializes in Law, Science, and Technology, demonstrate not only her intellectual curiosity but also her aspiration to influence the intersection of technology and law positively. As an LL.M. candidate, she not only excels academically but also stands as a beacon of leadership and service, marked by her roles as Class Marshal and LL.M. Representative, and her pursuit of the Highest Pro Bono Distinction.

Before her time at Stanford, Puteri left a significant mark on Indonesia’s technological and educational landscape as the Head of Legal at GovTech Edu. Here, she was instrumental in pioneering AI integrations within the education sector, showcasing her exceptional ability to steer legal strategies that align with technological advancements for societal benefit. Her career prior to Stanford also saw her tackling complex legal challenges at prestigious firms, where she honed her skills in navigating intricate legal frameworks.

Beyond her professional and academic endeavors, Puteri’s commitment to societal advancement shines through her engagement in educational initiatives and philanthropic efforts. Her journey reflects a deep-seated belief in the power of law to facilitate technological innovation and societal progress, making her a distinguished figure in her field. Her narrative is not just one of personal achievement but a testament to her vision of leveraging legal expertise in service of the greater good.

A pivotal element of Irawati Puteri’s academic journey is the prestigious scholarship from the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP), which finances her studies at Stanford Law School. This scholarship is a testament to her outstanding potential, leadership qualities, and her commitment to contributing to Indonesia’s development. The LPDP scholarship is awarded to Indonesian citizens with exceptional track records, underscoring Puteri’s standing as a distinguished scholar dedicated to leveraging her education in law, science, and technology for the betterment of her country. This support not only facilitates her academic pursuits but also aligns with her vision of driving positive change through legal innovation and public service.